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Cuts of meat vary greatly in their taste and texture. Some tender cuts need brief and careful cooking and some require longer slower methods. To a great extent this depends upon where in the animal the cut originates - it is widely believed that cuts of meat from muscles which do a lot of work will tend to be tough an need slower cooking, they may also be cheaper yet more tasty.


Cuts of meat from cow and sheep: si


Stewing, pot roasts, braising:
brisket, chuck, clod, leg, neck, shin
Generally cheaper, yet tougher cuts of meat with a fibrous texture. Best cooked slowly for longer periods of time to allow for a succulent, tender result.

brisket, rib,silverside, sirloin, topside
Retains moisture best when rolled with a layer of fat, otherwise can dry quickly with the heat in an oven. When rolled with a rib, flavour can be very much increased.

Frying & grilling:
fillet, rump, sirloin, T-bone
Often classed as the "Premium" cuts, being considerably more tender than the others, they require minimal cooking time even in a pan. This usually comes at increased cost however.


We hope you've enjoyed reading about the various stages involved in the production of our meats, and maybe even picked something up along the way that you didn't know before. In any case, please do continue on to find out about our specific herd of Hereford cattle and Suffolk-cross sheep in the following pages.

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