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Our 385 acres of farmland are split between both grazing areas and growing plots.

Much of our feed is grown in-house on the 385 acres of estate farmland, allowing us to monitor the quality of our livestock's food at the closest level. We feel that naturally-raising all of our animals ensures a healthy and rewarding life for all.

The cattle are housed in the spacious barns on straw beds in the late autumn/early winter (depending on conditions), and stay in until the following Spring. They then remain outside to graze throughout the summer and Autumn. Whilst 'housed', they are fed on homegrown grass silage, wholecrop silage and grain. About 50% of our breeding cattle calve in the spring/early summer therefore calve outside, with the remaining cows calving in the autumn/early winter so mainly whilst inside.

The sheep are housed for a shorter time, the rams go in with the ewes in the Autumn whilst still in the fields, and later they come in though the winter until they have their lambs during April of each year. Once the lambs are strong enough and the Spring is warm enough the sheep are turned out to enjoy the fresh grass.

In the next section, we cover that with which you will be more familiar with from the supermarkets and butchers: "The final product" >>>.

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