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We pride ourselves on giving all our animals a stress free environment and raising the animals to RSPCA welfare standards, as we are RSPCA Freedom Food accredited. All our beef and lamb is traditionally reared and home produced.

Hereford beef is 'marbled', which ensures a succulent and tender cooked meat with a delicious flavour. Scientists at the University of Bristol have proved that grass fed beef improves; colour, prolongs shelf-life and increases levels of omega-3, an essential fatty acid.

After a brief visit to the abattoir, the sides of meats are are hung for some time. All our animals are slaughtered locally in small-scale operations, reducing food miles and minimising stress. This is important as stress directly affects meat quality by releasing chemicals which in turn raises the pH within the beef. Higher pH causes the meat to be dry, dark and firm, affecting both tenderness and flavour.

  You'll have no doubt heard about the process of hanging, a traditional process that leads to improved tenderness, enhanced flavour, and gives the meat it's rich deep red colour prior to cooking. The length of time that meat should be hung to obtain both the best texture and fullest flavour varies significantly and generally depends on the covering of fat over the animal, for unless it has enough external fat, it will deteriorate, even spoil, if held for too long. Our beef is hung for 3 weeks and lamb for 1 week to ensure good quality and taste, tenderness and beautiful flavouring. Murray our local butcher, pictured left, only accepts the best - so this is of partcular importance to us.

Finally, the sides are processed, jointed, and packaged. Handled locally, this is carried out as quickly as possible, preparing it to be delivered to supermarkets and butchers across the country, giving low "food miles" and a great finished product.

We sell individual cuts of beef and lamb, and also do selection boxes with a variety of cuts of beef. We also sell lamb as halves or whole lamb, butchered to individual requirements. For more information or beef and lamb price lists please see the enquiry form on the contact page.

Some of our final produce is sent on to Waitrose, the packaging for which can be seen below to give you something to look out for - next time your in, why not give it a try, we garauntee it'll be a treat.

Waitrose Ruckmans Hereford Beef packaging

Our local butchers, as seen below, also keeps a plentiful supply of our Hereford meats and Suffolk-cross lamb, please do stop in if you ever have the chance - Murray has a wealth of knowledge and is always pleased to welcome you in.

Butchers selling Hereford beef - coming soon

We've put together a list of the more popular cuts, found in shops all over the world, so as to give you an idea of exactly what you can get from our Hereford cattle herd or Suffolk sheep. See them in the next section "The final cuts" >>>

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