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The Ruckmans estate remains to this day a working farm, with the farming enterprise conducted always with a view to the enhancement of our Estate as a whole. Of the Estate's 506 acres, 385 acres are farmland, 89 acres are woodland and 32 acres of Gardens, ponds, meadows, buildings and roads. The farmed acres are mostly laid to grass and are always well-placed in Surrey Grasslands Society competitions. Some forage crops for the farm's own animals are also grown ensuring the finset quality feed at all times.

Our pure-bred herd of Hereford cattle (230) and Suffolk cross sheep (380) are carried under the RSPCA Freedom Foods Scheme to ensure only the finest quality of cuts, and greater traceability for all of our carriers.


Our farm manager Harry, pictured on our front page, and his wife and daughter are responsible for all of the farm activities, and typically have a capital improvement project in progress in co-ordination with the estate as a whole.

Ruckmans Farm
Dawes Farm, Bognor Road, Warnham, W. Sussex, RH12 3SH